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22000 Certification

Our company will hold ISO 22000 certification, legally, in a timely manner.

ISO 22000.
Price and ISO registration procedure.

Calculate the cost of certification procedures in accordance with ISO 22000 standard can be in the presence of several key factors:

  • Official state employees;
  • the number of production facilities;
  • the number of production lines;
  • place the sphere of activity in the "food chain".

Formed budget on the basis of the analysis of the preliminary information and registration procedure itself depends on the depth of the development and implementation of QMS 22,000 in manufacturing.
There are three options, razichnye on the complexity and time:

  • Formal (minimum);
  • Advanced (expert);
  • High (professional).

Information for customers: An implementation of QMS ISO 9001 significantly increases the effectiveness of the implementation of ISO 22000.
The cost of implementation of the QMS ISO 22000 by an average of 25% higher than the ISO 9001.