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Dear colleagues!

Our company will hold the certification of your products.

Our certification body accredited NAAU products (national accreditation body of Ukraine) for compliance with the international standard ISO 17065. Ukraine in the face of NAAU only country in the former Soviet Union, which had signed an agreement on the recognition of competence and accreditation with the European Accreditation Cooperation (European Accreditation). Thus de jure Ukrainian accreditation and standards have been recognized in the European Union

Product certification is carried out by accredited, authorized (designated) on the certification bodies in order to prevent the implementation of nonconforming product:

  • Danger to life, health and property of citizens and the environment;
  • Assistance to the consumer in a competent choice of products;
  • Creating conditions for the participation of entrepreneurs in the international economic scientific and technical cooperation and international trade.

certification of objects can be products that:

Made in Georgia;

  • Import into Georgia and is designated by the manufacturer as such that meets the applicable European regulations and Georgia;
  • Import into Georgia and is not marked by the manufacturer as such that meets the current regulations in Georgia, but it can be identified as such, it must comply with the current Georgian normative document for similar products.